Strategic planning


The Power Is In The Planning, More Than In The Plan!


Do you need an efficient way to galvanize divers departments and teams on a focused strategy?


Does your organization feel like it is wondering in the woods?


Do you feel like you are living off the successes of the past?



Awake Consulting & Coaching has developed a streamlined planning process that yields a focused and achievable strategy.  Our planning process removes ambiguity from ideas like Vision, Mission, Tactics, and Goals.  The end result is a plan that can be memorized and not simply memorialized to be left on a shelf. 

Our planning process incorporates and coordinates the following;

     Vision Casting                    Unifying Themes                              Budgeting

     Messaging                          Core Values                                      Goal Setting

     Effective Meetings             Process Improvement                   Facilitation

     Training                             Succession Planning                        Performance Evaluation