Executive Leadership Profile


Every leader that leads a team toward excellence has two very important attributes:

·         The ability to quickly differentiate between essential data and irrelevant data

·         The ability to be self-aware without becoming self-absorbed

Our Executive Leadership Profile is the ideal assessment tool to accelerate the process of cultivating the practices that produce these attributes. 

The Executive Leadership Profile (ELP) assesses the following:

·         MBTI Personality Profile

·         Leadership Style

·         Leadership Skills and Systems

·         Organizational Health

Every assessment includes a personal coaching session with a trained and certified Awake Coach to develop a Leadership Action Plan rooted in the unique profile of the leader. 

Call or email to learn how this tool can help grow your business by growing the leaders in your business.  

Awake Coaching and Consulting has made a huge impact on my business and my leadership! It has opened my eyes to several changes I needed to make in the way I and my team perform within the business in order to achieve results I’m looking for. What I appreciate even more than that awareness, is that Awake has helped guide and coach me on HOW TO MAKE those changes. Having someone to turn to, when I need direction or advice has really empowered me to move ahead with confidence.
— Amanda Chase - State Farm Agent